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Come away with me
A mixture of fandom and frustration. Stay awhile if you like Avengers/MCU/Marvel, and my descent into madness that is Seb Stan

I also do a lot of writing and post a lot of cats, so I guess you could say this is your average sort of fandom blog.

This is a Bucky Barnes and Clint Barton appreciation area

Bucky Barnes in All-New Invaders #8

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Found out about the mysterious check. My job thought I took a voluntary lay off (when I most certainly did not) and now I’m probably going to have to wait until next week to fly back anyway because I’m probably not going to have a flight booked for Thursday.



exhibit 72936 of why the marvel vs dc argument is stupid: both let rob liefield draw actual comics for them that actual real life people bought

there are no winners here


I just need to reblog a happy anime turtle chilling out in its bucket :)

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Nova my cat is an asshole who will see that I am sitting and perch on my chest so I annoy her with nose boops and long tail pets

bo does that too she sits on my chest and stares at me like YEAH YOU WERE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES OR WERE ON TUMBLR BUT NOW YOU CAN’T SEE THE SCREEN DEAL WITH IT

no one ever really thinks about it when they pick up a cat. they just pick up the cat. but like. you’re looking for attention from a giant and suddenly that asshole picks you up underneath of the armpits and hauls you up and gives you a bunch of giant nose kisses

i bet cats fucking hate that they just tolerate it because food

Can I magically zap to Portland to visit Nausi and take her out to Torta-Landia?

it would be niiiiiiiiiiiice